Friday 8 May 2015

Guest Post Week

I've been away. Some friends wrote some things. These things have been going up on #theDaily over the last week but here they are all together. Chris has described it all really nicely in his unprompted introductory post so I'll just jump straight in. I can't thank these guys enough for taking the time out to write these posts and I'd love to do more stuff like this in the future.

Hello! You’re probably wondering what we did with Natalie… or who this is, so let me explain. Dear old Natalie is on vacation, lapping it up in Australia. I on the other hand, am Chris, and I’m stuck in the UK desperately trying to prove that a pair of raybans and turnups still look cool in bursts of arctic winds.

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s music that doesn’t get to the point quickly. Thankfully, home counties four-piece Sahara’s first new material in over a year, ‘Again Into Blue’ is the kind of flat-out indie rock that kicks in straight away. “Where do I look now?” are the lyrics that are brandished aggressively at first from the band, before they quickly slide into a jumpy melody that carries them through a fug of early Foals and The Maccabees influences. Coupling this inspiration with subtle shoe-gaze synths, and as if their catchy choruses weren’t enough, a drawn out refrain goes on to burst into growling lyrics during an energy-zapping, supersonic bridge. Sahara’s return is marked with a heavier sound for sure, but it’s a sign that these guys have come back with more fire than ever. It’s the punchiest they’ve ever sounded, and off the back of this single alone I foresee them creating some wild scenes at their upcoming shows. - Chris Donnelly (Twitter / Close Up Promotions)

Summer is around the corner, and what better way to bring it in than with a healthy dose of funked-up soul? ‘Vinyl Skip’ is the debut single from New Zealand singer Wallace Gollan and it’s a banger that pulls together a range of influences; from blues, jazz, soul and early ‘00’s R’n’B. Her immediately intriguing voice is softened by feathery vocal frills and a summery accompaniment of laid back jazzy beats. Get a cocktail, and enjoy this whilst sitting by the pool. - Amelia Maher (Twitter / The Music Shepherd / Black Cherry Records)

So, this dude isn’t reinventing the wheel, it’s inoffensive acoustic pop for sure. But I DO think that Mendes has a lot of potential. If he can recapture the same kind of pace, groove and for lack of a better phrase… ‘rhythmic swag’ he has in this song for his future efforts, then he’s on to a winner for me. At the ripe old age of 16, I guess he’s got some time to work on that side of things. Above all else, it’s a refreshing break from F***in all the B****es in da club and every other chart song, AKA some rapper singing about his dick. A to the MEN. - Dan Twining (Twitter / Swim Good)

Fans of Ohio band twenty one pilots have been waiting a long time for a song like this. If you know this band you'll be familiar with their unique upbeat songs with dark lyrics that are lead singer Tyler Joseph’s signature songwriting style. But through music Tyler invites his fans into his struggles and triumphs, and the single shred of hope present in every previous twenty one pilots song has been blown into a full-on heart-melting pop anthem of love in “Tear in My Heart,” the second single off their fourth and upcoming album, Blurryface. The inspiration behind the song? His beautiful new bride who makes a real kick-ass cameo in this video, literally. - Era Bushati (Twitter / Era Writes Stuff)

Hold up, did Jesse Lacey just do a thing? He did, he did a thing, hold tight whilst I update all my socials so peeps know I’m CVRR£NT. But…are we sure this is Brand New? I mean, it didn’t come as a limited 7" you had to order a secret off-menu pizza in a Brooklyn take-away to receive. It was posted to the internet alongside a headline about their instagram account. Brand New’s been hacked. Felix’s Law (now in it’s fifth unchallenged year) states that the relevance of an opinion is halved with each Brand New release. You don’t need my opinion, but you do need Lacey’s whiney backing vocals in this chorus.
Now for my final thought: The residents occupying my twitter feed with their vitriol at the Brooklyn Bowl’s website for cheating them out of tickets could fill Alexandra Palace a few times over. So why isn’t it sold out? *Smug face emoji.* - Taylor Baron (Twitter / House of Bltmr)

Ours Is Chrome, Superheaven’s follow up to their ridiculously brilliant debut record, Jar, is out this week and this is one of the best songs from the record, ‘Next To Nothing’. If you know the band, you’ll know the score by now; huge 90s alt-rock/grunge vibes, super laid-back vocals and some great pedal stomps to lead into every chorus. If you don’t know the band, then basically it’s music to wear flannel shirts to. Even in summer. Also, the video’s just them dicking around in the SideOneDummy offices. It’s pretty jokes. - Ryan De Freitas (Twitter / Louder Now!)

After their release of 'Sticks and Stones’ in 2002, this song is enough to take anyone back to when New Found Glory were in their prime. They are an amazing band to see live, if you ever have or do get the chance, it’s not an opportunity you should pass up on. This is probably my favourite album by them, with ‘Resurrection’ released in October last year as a close second. The video sums up their classic pop-punk style perfectly and I will never not love this band. - Tania Beck (Twitter /

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