Sunday 17 May 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #19

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Welcome back to an almost back on track What If I Had A Music Blog. This week has pretty much entirely solely been revolved around The Great Escape, with three days previewing the festival and three days spent down in Brighton. I wasn't going to do a review, but I've seen some things man, I've seen some things so I might have to. Other than that I'm going to attempt to the best of my ability to get things ironed out everywhere. Slam Dunk festival is happening over the upcoming bank holiday weekend too so there might just be a preview for that coming this week too. I don't half stretch myself thin do I.

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I think that it’s fair to say the whole electronic/pop/dance crossover genre is fairly oversaturated at the moment with a lot of European acts repeating the same “formula” over and over again. LA based DJ trio Cheat Codes have broken the mould a little especially by teaming up with Lostboycrow. Also based in California, Lostboycrow and his track ‘Hiy Hiy’ blew me away towards the start of the year with his great R’n’B vocals and a unique and quirky edge. This shines through on ‘Senses’ transforming the song from “just another dance track” to an EDM masterpiece.

Monday - Wednesday
This is all a little irrelevant now that The Great Escape is over but I spent three days this week planning out your time at the festival so that you didn't have to. I'm pleased with how well it sort of worked out. There were a few hiccups during the event, the standard not being able to get into venues, queuing for longer than you want to, venues running late, but overall I think I did pretty good. If you'd like to revisit them you can do that right here: Thurday - Friday - Saturday

Throwback Thursday
Deftones are a band whose alternative/nu-metal has shaped the lives and music of so many others. ‘Back To School’ and the album it’s taken from ‘White Pony’, is an incredible 15 years old this year.

Toronto based and Def Jam signed Alessia is making some huge waves at the moment. Her new single ‘Here’ describes her night at a party that she doesn’t want to be at, and there’s nothing more I love than a song that tells a story. Alessia’s voice is classic R’n’B with a tinge of hip hop and soul thrown in. Predicting pretty huge things for this chick.

Anticipation is building for Being As An Ocean's upcoming third self-titled album which is due for release at the end of June. ‘Little Richie’ is the first track to be released from the album and it sounds absolutely huge. It has an intro that you never would have expected from this band at the time of their debut.

I think I would have much rathered Years & Years switched ‘Shine’ and ‘Worship’ around. Obviously ‘Shine’ is still great, as is everything Years & Years seem to put their mark on, but I think ‘Worship’ was a stronger song for the purpose of release as a single. ANYWAY, that’s not what’s happened, ‘Shine’ is the new single and it’s out towards the start of June. Will it have chart success equal to that of ‘King’? I’m not so sure.

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