Sunday 24 May 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #20

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

The severe amount of exercise, excitement and exhaustion of The Great Escape has really caught up with me this week. I've been pretty much shattered for the duration but still thought it would be a good idea to go out for dinner every night and then go to see A Loss For Words on Friday night. Today I'm at Slam Dunk, hopefully bursting right through those gates at the time of posting, so it's another fairly hectic weekend. I am finding all of this is messing with all of my top quality #content. I was planning on writing a Slam Dunk "preview" but I just didn't have time. I'm sure everybody will manage without it though.

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Only a month ago I posted a star studded track by Towkio featuring Chance The Rapper and Eryn Allen Kane. Now the latter artist is back on her own with the first track from her debut EP. ‘Have Mercy’ contains three elements and three elements only: some finger clicks, some backing vocals, and Eryn Allen Kane’s lead vocals over the top. That’s it. That’s literally it. Beautiful soulful gospel-inspired R’n’B.

My amazingly clickbaitly titled Seven Artists Who Played The Great Escape 2015 Who You Need To See ASAP. As things go, it's fairly self explanatory. This wasn't a post I intended to write, especially with all of last week's preview posts but I couldn't help myself.

‘4EVER!’ is Lany’s new single, taken from their forthcoming EP ‘I Loved You.’ which is due for release at the start of June. If you’re in the US you can download ‘4EVER!’ now and you can pre-order the EP. In typical UK music industry fashion, if you’re here, you can’t. ‘4EVER!’ is another synth-led pop masterpiece from the LA trio. The “and how you dance with me throughout the night” line really gets me every time. Emotions.

There is no ounce of me that doesn’t believe that Jarrod Alonge isn’t an absolute genuis. Youtuber Alonge rose to internet stardom with his rock vocalist impression videos which he has since turned into an entire parody album. No, really. ‘Hey Jarrod, What’s That Song Again?’ parodies every American post-hardcore/“metalcore” band on the “scene” right now, including some standout moments in homage to A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and Sleeping With Sirens. It’s just incredibly well put together.

London based DJ duo Toyboy and Robin have teamed up with Guernsey born Robyn Sherwell for their new track. When I posted a Sherwell track back in January, I didn’t think that I’d be posting an electronic track featuring her vocals four months later, but God I’m glad this exists. Sherwell’s voice is still so soothing and effortless and this song would definitely not be as great without her. Proof that two Rob(i/y)n’s are better than one.

Throwback Thursday
I always surprise myself that I liked this weird off the wall rock stuff when I was 15, especially because even now I assume bands like this are bands that only musician/guitar types like. Anyway, I first saw Envy On The Coast at Give It A Name Festival seven years ago this month! A year and a half later they were supporting Underoath on my first ever visit to London’s Astoria. Shout out to teenage me.

Since The Great Escape I have been absolutely obsessed with Thomston. I don’t know what happened, but I can barely listen to anything other than his Argonaut and Backbone EPs. Even though it’s only been a month and a half since the release of Backbone, the young New Zealander put out new single ‘Expiry Date’ last week. This track is more of the beautiful haunting R’n’B we’ve come to expect from Thomston, but a little more haunting with what sounds like a heart rate monitor running the whole way through.

I’ve been waiting for about a week for an official stream of this track and I’m so glad this one’s finally appeared. I’m not a fan of Young Thug, I just don’t really get it. For about the first five times I listened to this I laughed out loud every time Young Thug came in, but still couldn’t stop replaying it. I’m not hugely knowledgable on Jamie XX’s catalogue but this is a bit different for him, right?

Ridiculous debut single alert. Eighteen year old Brit Keyes has been sending the blogosphere crazy over the last five days, racking up over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud of her debut track ‘Veins’. ‘Veins’ is another great pop track and Keyes’ voice and vocal tone make it sound super authentic and really turn the song into something else.

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