Thursday 24 December 2015

Top 30 Tracks of 2015: The Top Ten

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This is it, we've reached the final stretch in this four part mini series and there are a mere ten songs left. Apart from the top six throughout these 30 tracks I have found them a little tricky to organise in order of preference but the latter half of this list undeniably features what are my favourite songs from 2015 in a definitive order. Should probs get on with it then.

10. Youth Club - People

I don't think there have been many occasions this year where I've fallen in love with a band on a first listen but this is exactly how I felt about Youth Club. They are the perfect indie/pop band and 'People' is quite possibly the catchiest song featured on WIIHAMB this year. All this band need are some nice support slots on some sizeable tours and they'll be well on their way to success in 2016.

9. Oh Wonder - Drive

I feel bad about how I've conducted myself with Oh Wonder. Every month I'd play each song as many times as humanly possible, but by the time their debut self-titled album came around I was a little sick of the songs on it. And not sick in a bad way, more in a way like when you're SO fed up of your work colleagues because you have to put up with their shit everyday but you love them really, you know? Anyway, 'Drive' is undeniably the standout track that the duo have released so far and the video is absolutely perfect. I mean, Josephine is pretty perfect. Add her to the list of people I want to be.

8. Years & Years - Worship

'Worship' is the best song we've heard from Years & Years this year. End of story. And it baffles me as to why 'Worship' wasn't a single yet both 'King' and 'Shine' were. This is a perfect pop song and it's a shame that the trio's debut album 'Communion' received such poor reviews purely because as an album track, 'Worship' will get overlooked. It's actually a shame overall that 'Communion' wasn't as good as I believed it could have been especially when you look back at the likes of 'Take Shelter' and my song of the year last year, 'Desire'.

7. LANY - 4EVER!

LA based indie pop three-piece LANY make the music that they make with exceptional quality. The first EP that they released this year was called 'I Loved You.' and although it was predominantly what I would refer to as ballads (so like things that aren't really ballads), it also featured this absolute banger, '4EVER!'. '4EVER!' is a song that's singalong-and-get-stuck-in-your-head-for-days-on-end at it's finest. Heading in to 2016 LANY have just released a repackaged EP featuring some of their slightly older releases and they're also set to open for Ellie Goulding on her upcoming UK arena tour, which is insane.

6. CVIRO & GXNXVS - Sober

Amongst the other songs in this top ten this one is maybe a little... not only unexpected, but possibly "out of place" but I don't care because I love it. 'Sober' is the song I've posted this year that I just keep going back to and I can't forget about because it's so great. "I don't know what to listen to!!!11!!", "It's alright m8, just put 'Sober' on again" - all problems are resolved. I must admit though, from posting this originally four months ago, I've still not got a clue what exactly a "GXNXVS" is or how the fuck I'm supposed to pronounce it.

5. Steven A. Clark - Can't Have

My adoration for Steven A. Clark's 'Can't Have' is possibly some proof that things to come out of press release emails aren't all bad. I liked 'Can't Have' from the first listen, but over the following weeks my relationship with it spiralled completely out of control and putting it on repeat for entire journeys became the norm. I don't think there's anybody on the planet who couldn't relate to a lyric that's quite simply "We always want what we can't have". Everything about this is relatable really, and it's captivating to have someone else tell a story that feels so personal to the person listening even though it's something that we've probably all been through. Music is great etc.

4. Alessia Cara - Here

Hearing 19 year old Alessia Cara's 'Here' for the first time was as refreshing as taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The teenager had written an instantly relatable pop/RnB crossover track because we've all been at a party we haven't wanted to be at. Also, imagine you envisaged how a music video would look and then said music video is released and it's exactly how you pictured it. That's what happened to me here. Pun intended. Again, it's a real shame that her Four Pink Walls EP wasn't absolutely incredible despite featuring some excellent songwriting. And on top of that, I can't get on board with her album coming out seven months later in the UK than it did in North America.

3. Jamie xx feat Popcaan and Young Thug - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)

Despite being a 2015 highlight for many, Jamie xx's album 'In Colour' didn't really impress me but there's no way I could deny 'I Know There's Gonna Be' being one of the greatest tracks released this year. Sampling The Persuasions' 'Good Times' as well as featuring Popcaan and Young Thug, Jamie xx has no doubt produced the multi-genre crossover song of 2015. It's almost insane to think that an electronic producer, a dancehall artist and a rapper could come together to make something that just makes so much sense.

2. Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself

Honestly, it was Popjustice's constant persistence that enabled me to fall in love with 'Love Myself'. When you can see numerous people whose opinions you respect raving about a song on social media it's hard to ignore. So I tried and tried again with 'Love Myself' until I appreciated it for the perfection that it was. However I did deny for a long time, and I still deflect now, that it's a song about masturbation. That's just not what I want in a pop song, you know? There's no need for that. I didn't really enjoy Steinfeld's 'Haiz' EP but that's okay because 'Love Myself' is good enough to keep me going for a long time yet. Is that a euphemism? I don't know.

1. Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive

Underrated song of the year that should have been absolutely massive but wasn't so I've done all in my power to make it as big as it can be, by crowning 'Ocean Drive' my song of the year. Duke Dumont's 'Need U (100%)' was the second song that I ever posted on What If I Had A Music Blog in January 2013, so as an artist anyway, Duke Dumont holds a special place in my heart. And to see 'Need U' blow up like it did a month or so later was crazy. But why hasn't the same happened with 'Ocean Drive' because it's just as amazing, if not even better! It's heartbreaking really, and I don't know what more to say.

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