Sunday 13 December 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #49

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

For anyone who does take a passing interest in these little snippets, you may or may not notice some little changes on this here site - some good, some not so good, but it's all a work in progress etc. I'm really looking forward to WIIHAMB next year. Especially considering that my artist curated playlist feature concept came to me last night and had LITERALLY been staring me in the face this whole time. So that's good. I've also whittled down my songs and EPs of the year. Albums list is still very questionable and may contain Rae Sremmurd.

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‘It’s All In Vain’ is the opening track from Wet’s forthcoming debut album 'Don’t You'. This is going to sound weird okay, but there are vocal lines and melodies in this track that remind me of Spice Girls’ ‘2 Become 1′. I don’t know how or why but those are just the feels I feel. This is just as lovely as ‘2 Become 1′ though, and just lovely in its own right really. I can’t find a preliminary date for the release of Wet’s album, but hopefully it’s not too far into 2016 *crosses fingers*.

Lara Maxen is sooo fresh on the scene that the first tweet on her Twitter account was a mere five days ago. We don't know much about Maxen but her Soundcloud states that we may be receiving “new music every month” from her. Could she be the new Oh Wonder?! It’s possible. Let us not continue without acknowledging Mickey Valen’s tiiight as hell production on ‘Your Anything’, essentially making this the type of debut track that others strive for. If there’s going to be a song this close to Christmas that’s bound to get pop fans excited for what the future holds, this has to be it.

Since I posted ‘Baptize’ waaaay back in April 2014 RKCB have been drip-feeding the songs that make up their debut EP ‘Short Films’. ‘Lights Low’ is the sixth and final track that completes the EP; it’s also quite possibly my favourite track. The lyrics in the chorus give me the utmost of feels with the likes of “you only want me when the lights low / now that you’re drinking will you say you need me”. This is the sort of song I could happily sit and cry to on repeat for days.

I get such serious Sohn vibes from this track and that is really cool because whilst really, Jarbird’s ‘Such Is The House’ sounds absolutely nothing like Sohn, the similarity is some of the elements makes it almost instantly relatable. The lyrics appear to focus on self-perception and self-worth which is all pretty heavy but when put with music that sounds like this and vocals that sound like that, things don’t seem quite so stern.

Throwback Thursday
The greatest debut album singles UK indie band other than The Kooks? Yeah, reckon so. I don’t know the first time I heard The Fratellis but this was the first song I heard and I fell completely in love with it. Whilst ‘Creepin Up The Backstairs’ is not the most radio-friendly of the singles from their debut album ‘Costello Music’, I do think that it is genuinely the best, it just suffered from debut single syndrome.

'Come & Go’ genuinely is new pop punk at its finest. After the “loss” of A Loss For Words this year, to me, it’s as though Broadside have literally just stepped in, picked things up, and got on with it in the best way. The thing about ‘Come & Go’ is that there’s just so much going on the whole time. There’s not a dull moment for the entire duration of the song. You know when a song sounds like it’s actually five songs in one and it’s really confusing? Well this is like that, but without any aspect of confusion. Every section and element flows into the other so seamlessly and I don’t know how a fan of pop punk could not fall in love with this, and Broadside overall.

Oh you thought I was joking? Lol no. I’m becoming extremely obsessed with this at a rate that is probably putting my health at risk. After seeing her on Monday, I also have a huge new found appreciation for Carly Rae Jepsen. And this is just so fun. Imagine being a fun enough human to record your single in a language that DOESN’T EXIST. Yeah, pretty fun. The best thing though, is that this genuinely sounds absolutely ridiculous and it completely does not matter in the slightest.

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