Wednesday 13 January 2016

Artists I'd Like To See Do Well In 2016 - The Underdogs

PART ONE IS HERE, you can check it out if you like... or you know, just continue with this one. Whatever floats your boat really.

There are so many artists that I would like to chat about but I've narrowed it down to just five and then I'll probably ramble about some others at the bottom of this, I don't know, let's see.
(EDIT: I did exactly that FYI.)


Y'all know that I take part in the Blog Sound Poll which is a cool thing where essentially a load of UK blogs select three artists each that they think are going to be #totallyrad in the following year. My first vote was for Aquilo so you can imagine how overly stoked I was to see them make the top five. I did good, right?! Aquilo are a duo from "The North" who until September last year made mellow whispy alt/pop and then smashed every rule they'd created for themselves with the release of 'Good Girl'. I'm correct to assume that they'll be releasing an album this year, right? That should be good. I've never seen them live either, but I reckon that's probably good too. Aquilo for President(s).

SG Lewis

Severely overlooked by tastemakers and that, SG Lewis is going to do big and cool things in 2016. Or at least, I'd like him to. I mean, 'Warm' was already the most Shazammed (actual verb) song from a TV show in 2015 so if anything that's proof that the world wants to hear and know more about Sam Lewis. SG Lewis was actually my second vote for the Blog Sound Poll and honestly I was sure that he'd made the list. Clearly, I was mistaken and clearly everyone else was wrong not to vote for him. After already collaborating with the as equally exciting Louis Mattrs and JP Cooper on his debut EP last year, who knows what Lewis has in store for us in 2016.


Transviolet are the band who should have been my third pick for the Blog Sound Poll, not that it really matters but in my head I'm a bit annoyed about it. I think I briefly wrote about this during my Songs of 2015 post but Transviolet are an example of exactly why I do WIIHAMB. 'Girls Your Age' is the most popular song that I've ever posted on the blog and it's so cool to think that a load of Tumblr users saw something I'd written and fell in love with a song just like I did. Genuinely so rad. Transviolet are like a less media-bait Halsey meets a way more exciting Lana Del Rey and they sound exciting, current and like they could take over the world.

(Can you believe this is a live performance?! It sounds next to identical to the studio version.)


Shakka is a human that not many blogs really cover, or at least, not blogs that I'm familiar with but they are wrong. Well... probably. Whilst HillyDilly are too busy pushing hipster remixes you never needed to hear and Pigeons & Planes are spending time writing think-pieces (sorry, ILY really P&P) they are letting an artist with an immense amount of talent and potential pass them by. Shakka's recent debut major label EP was testament to how exciting the 26 year old Londoner is, taking us on a journey through time to a futuristic Capital where everyone is suppressed by a mysterious serum. And how crazy does that sound? That someone can do that on one EP. Imagine what Shakka has hidden up his sleeve for his debut album.


Last but by no means least, I couldn't bear to leave out bae trio LANY. They're opening for Ellie Goulding on her UK arena tour in March. Yeah, you heard. Opening Ellie Goulding's arena tour. Lit AF. So LANY make really current alt-pop vibey kinds of stuff but do them in a way that is totally not boring despite being... well... kind of ballady. They're endearing though, LANY, I'm not sure what it is, but they have a very minimalistic aesthetic online and I guess their songs are quite "open-ended" too, allowing us to draw our own conclusions. They're set to support Troye Sivan in the US this spring as well, so I'm sure it won't be long until their already extensive online following spreads even further.

Some Others who are probably worth keeping an eye on tbh

Chinah - Danish trio with a crazy endearing live show who I can't wait to see again.
Huntar - Predictable list is predictable. Basically, what I believe to be the next single is rad, and other tracks that he does are rad so all in all 2016 should be rad.
Kloe - Genuinely really stoked for Kloe this year. I believe she's releasing a single in the next couple of weeks and then an EP soon after. The pop princess we were waiting for. (Next in line for the throne  after Zara Larsson probably.)
Lostboycrow - One of my favourite "new" artists from last year, LA based Lostboycrow has just (I mean it literally went up on Soundcloud today) released his debut EP and it's sure to set the world on fire.
Nimmo - This severely overlooked (by almost everyone) five piece will have "their year" this year. They will release new music. They will play great shows. And it will be excellent. A genuinely really interesting "band" that don't sound like anyone/anything else on right now.
Thomston - New Zealand's baest pop prince who I sincerely dream we receive an album and full UK tour from in 2016.
Walking On Cars - Irish five piece indie band who are set to release their debut album at the end of January and really deserve a hell of a lot more praise than I believe they receive. They are the indie band to watch in Q1 and I hope everyone starts paying attention.
Youth Club - Finally, there ain't no party like a Youth Club party. With every single track laden with grooves and ultimate vibes, it would be insane for them not to stumble across a plethora of opportunities in 2016.

Also there is no "rock" on here and I don't really care. I'm not particularly looking forward to any "new" bands in that category but more new albums from some already established bands like Night Verses, letlive. and Beartooth. Although, I guess Blood Youth would the one to watch really if I had to pick someone.

(EDIT: The artist I wish I hadn't voted for in the Blog Sound poll does still feature in this post and it's pretty fucking obvious to be fair. But hey, Natalie logic.)

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