Wednesday 6 January 2016

Back To December Part Two

Okay so this was supposed to be a two part thing but the further I wander into 2016 the more excellent stuff I keep digging up from December. So here is part two of three... hopefully.

Frankmusik: Awake

I know, I know, I know, I've... I guess you could go as far as say "preached" about Frankmusik so many times over the past few months but any excuse really. 'Awake' is the opening track on Frankmusik's fifth album 'For You' (my second favourite album of 2015) and yeah, it's safe to say that just as excellent as everything else on the record. This video is SO aesthetically pleasing too. All of the imagery is stunning and every visual aspect fits perfectly with the song, like it all just fits. You ever gush over something so much that you start to think people might think you're crazy? Cool, me too. *Looks shifty and pleads for forgiveness etc.*

Oh, Be Clever: Blanket

Verse numero uno of 'Blanket' by the peculiarly named Oh, Be Clever sounds so Melanie Martinez-esque that to begin with I just #couldnteven. I'm into it though; it's definitely not the kind of quirky dark pop that we're hearing a lot of at the moment. But by the time the Utah based duo reach the chorus, 'Blanket' has morphed away from Martinez and is Oh, Be Clever's own sound entirely. Vocalist Brittney Shields' voice is so interesting to listen to as well, especially in the latter half of the track she really comes into her own. I really like the artwork for this track too.

Tontario x Lucas Nord: Rewind

I heard you'd been missing your R&B over Christmas. It's okay. Finnish producer Tontario and Swedish vocalist Lucas Nord have got you covered. 'Rewind' is a seriously sultry three minute stint and one you've been pining over the festive period. I'd imagine that 'Rewind' is the kind of thing you'd put on if you just wanted to "Netflix & chill" or something probably. Super chill vibe that just sounds excellent. The best bit is that this is a free download, available for £0 and $0.

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