Sunday 31 January 2016

Three Become One #1: Alex Vargas, Josef Salvat, OnCue

This is a thing I'm going to be doing now because reasons.

Alex Vargas: Shackled Up

The amount of toying I've done with myself about how to post 'Shackled Up' has been the realest. Initially I was just going to post it a couple of weeks ago and then I thought I'd post about Alex Vargas' new EP, Giving Up The Ghost, but writing about lengthier releases isn't going well for me at the moment, so we're back here again. It took me a little while to get into Alex Vargas and I don't really know why because his music is great albeit a little ballady. I missed multiple opportunities to see him live last year but I'm a changed (wo)man and that will not be the case with regards to anyone in 2016. Anyway, 'Shackled Up' is really good and if I wanted to I  could say that Alex Vargas is similar to Jack Garratt musically but just without all the crazy electronic bits but I'm not sure I do really want to make that comparison. Hear for yourself.

Josef Salvat: Paradise

Apparently I missed this song surface last year? But it's alright because now Josef Salvat's 'Paradise' has a video and I'm back in the loop and all is right with the world. Well, I say that, but in the interim he's actually  since put out another new track from his forthcoming debut album Night Swim, which we're set to receive next month. But we'll ignore that for now. 'Paradise' is a huge pop song and it's mind-boggling as to why Salvat isn't this utterly huge world-renowed star. Also this video is really cool, as we follow Salvat through a hectic day of press and parties. Salvat's dancing during the performane shots gives me everything too. He's another one I've passed up multiple opportunities to see live but I have it on good authority that he's absolutely excellent, and I'd really like to rectify my bad decisions at some point this year.

OnCue: Time

Is this a Jack Garratt sample? That's almost a genuine question because I'm not sure I can actually decide whether it is or not. I've rated OnCue for a couple of years now and I genuinely think that his material is getting better and better with every track that we hear. Whilst I guess under standard WIIHAMB rules 'Time' is probably considered a ballad, it's really good and so I don't really care. Mike Kuz's production almost steals the show with how tight and lit etc it is. As someone with a severe inability to empathise with anything it's tricky for me to comment on the lyrical content of 'Time' but it seems kinda deep and I think that's the sort of thing that people look for in music, actual emotion, and this track is bursting at the seems with feelings and stuff.

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