Friday 8 January 2016

Back To December Part Three

This is the final one of these, I promise. Hopefully.

Croox: Crying

As if there weren't enough acts pronounced like "crooks" already, here's another one for you. This track is almost singlehandedly the reason why there are three parts to this whole Back To December thing. I'd love to tell you loads about Croox themselves and this track, but there's quite simply very little information available on this here world wide web apart from I've determined that they at least play live as a four-piece. 'Crying' is a pretty sad vibe overall though, in a haunting kind of way. Laid back electronic vibes but mixed with harsh lyrical content gives the song a really interesting sound.

Flores: Afterglow

I have toyed with posting this song more times than I would care to recall. Every time I dismiss it, 'Afterglow' reappears. It's like it knows that I shouldn't be ignoring. Creepy. After Maths Time Joy and Flores came together for one of my favourite songs of 2015 it's lovely to hear this dream team working together again on something that sounds quite different to 'After Hours'. 'Afterglow' is pure Sunday evening vibe, mellow and soothing and Flores' voice is absolutely perfect for this kind of chill thing. Really can't wait to hear more from her this year.

Tove Lo: Influence

If this is what the future sounds like I am ready for 2016. Fully primed and prepped to go. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't holding a grudge against Tove Lo post-cancelling her UK dates in November, but hearing 'Influence' is as close as it's going to get to forgiveness for now. Tove Lo's Queen Of The Clouds was my album of the year in 2014 so it's fair to say that I'm pretty excited to hear new music from her. Although 'Influence' is just a demo it sounds excellent and a great indication that Tove Lo's second album is going to be just as great as her first was.

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