Monday 18 January 2016

The Year of the Pop Princesses: Ekkah and Nina Nesbitt


I've been waiting for Ekkah for what feels like a lifetime, but really it's only been a year. Almost a year to the day since I saw Ekkah live for the first time and left The Lexington feeling so buzzed about how great they were and how huge they need to be, they've returned with what I think we can refer to as their first "proper" single. Although I don't think that 'Small Talk' is the best song we've ever heard from the 80's infused female duo, it does showcase absolutely everything that's great about Rebecca and Rebekah. There are dance routines, there's a catchy chorus, their outfits are fierce and the video looks as though it's been filmed inside Lights of Soho. Somehow this clip for 'Small Talk' manages to perfectly encapsulate what it's like to see Ekkah perform live and if anything, that alone should make you super excited for what's in store for them in 2016. They're playing in London on 7th April actually, at Oslo. I'm can't go... *insert every frustrated emoji there ever was* but you definitely should.

Nina Nesbitt

Let's get this said straight away, I can not stand Nina Nesbitt's "old stuff" and that's nothing against poor Nina herself, I just really don't "get" that kind of singer/songwriter lark, it's not for me. But thank the Lord Nina Nesbitt is now in a different place because she has returned and she is on pure pop fire form and the place is lit. 'Chewing Gum' is the first track to be taken from Nesbitt's forthcoming EP 'Modern Love' which is set for release in February. The introduction of 'Chewing Gum' sounds like Tove Lo's 'Talking Body' so we are off to a damn good start and it does not let up from hereon in. I didn't realise how young Nesbitt still is, but it's great news! She can leave behind the boring singer/songwriter with a guitar thing and just go full on leather jacket badass with this totally cool re-vamped sound and image. Obviously we can't guarantee that all of her new music is going to follow this path but I think it's safe to be pretty hopeful about it. Great. Times.

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