Wednesday 24 February 2016

Three Become One #3: Knuckle Puck, BoatHouse, Vitamin

Steamrollin' out that #content for ya, lads.

Knuckle Puck - Pretense

I thought 'Pretense' had already been a single and had already had a video. It would appear that I was incorrect. 'Pretense' is, for me, by far the stand out track from Knuckle Puck's debut album Copacetic which was released last summer. Whilst this particular strand of pop punk isn't what I'm usually into, 'Pretense' is a modern day angsty anthem for any rock fan. After listening through to Copacetic again, there are underlying tones of tension and anger throughout, but these themes seem far rawer during 'Pretense'. Finally, this song is catchy as hell and it's clear as day why Knuckle Puck choose to end their live sets with it. After going over this, it's obvious that I probably should have given Copacetic more time last year; luckily music doesn't have a use by date.

BoatHouse feat Allan Kingdom: Lavish

"Natalie, you've already written a whole thing this month about how much you love Allan Kingdom, don't you think you could post about something else?" Nope. 'Lavish' is taken from the recently released Hibernation EP from Chicago producer Aidan Sigel-Bruse, A.K.A. BoatHouse. 'Lavish' sees Kingdom pit his unique vocal style up against a far more laidback track than the beats we've been hearing recently on the rapper's Northern Lights mixtape, but this really works. The entire Hibernation EP is available for free download if you go ahead and click on this link.

Vitamin: This Isn't Love

Although I wasn't mad keen on this track when I first heard it, Vitamin's Don Broco meets The 1975-esque video for 'This Isn't Love' got me hooked. I think Vitamin's bouncey indie rock is actually pretty under-appreciated compared to some of their peers at moment, but what can you do? Anyway, this extremely well lit pastel infused video sees the four members of Vitamin hanging around in their very own Heartbreak Hotel. So, now a billion or so listens later, I can't get enough of 'This Isn't Love' and its painfully catchy chorus. And just when you think things can't get any better, Vitamin are playing March's edition of New Shapesin London, which is great news if unlike me you aren't already busy. It's £5. That's literally undeniable.


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