Friday 19 February 2016

Talking "Body": Elle Watson and Garren

What are the chances that of all the songs currently gathering dust in my drafts, the first two would have the same title?

Elle Watson: Body

My favourite blogger, Robin AKA Breaking More Waves, wrote a peculiar ol' piece on Elle Watson and her 'Body' last month but honestly, I think Robin knows me better than I know myself. I'm not going to re-write it because there's no need, and also because you can just read the real thing here, but Breaking More Waves is right about this one. As is more and more frequently the case with good things that feature on here, 'Body' is Watson's debut track and it's quite lovely and really similar in tone to some things that I like and some things that other like. I reckon if Shura and BB Diamond had a daughter, she would sound a bit like Elle Watson. Back to the BMW thing though, Robin's right, those "real" bloggers out there lost their shit over this song, and whilst that's not totally unjustified, this is definitely not the best thing we'll hear from Watson. Obviously, little old me hasn't heard anything other than 'Body' and the 2012 YouTube video that some other have mentioned has been made private, so it looks like the rest is a mystery... for now, at least.

Garren: Body

In essence, what I like about Garren is exactly what I liked about Oceaan and even Disclosure when I first heard them. Electronic music that's not overly complicated, and has a pop edge yet still possesses a kind of underground feel. 'Body' is this and it's excellent. Garren Langford who is from the Bay Area (I didn't realise this was an actual place because its name is so strange and in the UK things aren't called things like that - although I guess most places would just be called the cloudy area) is currently working on an EP but in the meantime is uploading an onslaught of remixes and tracks featuring samples to his Soundcloud page. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that makes 'Body' a cut above the rest, but it just is. Also my two favourite words are attached to this track: free download. This currently goes for a majority of material on Garren's Soundcloud. Cheers mate.

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