Wednesday 15 June 2016

Dark and Stormy: Night Verses and Trade Wind

I like rock bands, these two in particular. Oh they're both on Equal Visions Records. Would you look at that.

Night Verses - A Dialogue In Cataplexy

I wrote an actual review, you know, with real words, of this in this month's issue of New Roots.
There's no way that Night Verses aren't one of my favourite bands (of all time). But when a band you hold in such high regard have only released one EP and one album, I'd say it's fair to be skeptical about new material. Okay, no, so it's fair if you're talking about any other band ever, it's not fair when you're talking about four musicians as excellent as those who come together as Night Verses. Imagine thinking they'd come back with something not good. Who are you? Not only do I not have a clue how to even say 'Cataplexy', I obviously don't know what it means*. I don't even mind because I feel as though this quartet are far more intellectually superior to me, it's probably not worth me trying. Aside from all of this, this track is absolutely everything I could have asked for and more. Night Verses' new album Into The Vanishing Light is out in less than a month too and I could not be more excited.

*Cataplexy is a medical condition in which strong emotion or laughter causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious

Trade Wind - I Hope I Don't Wake Up

I could have written this post, instead I've spent the last 20 minutes looking at the different colour vinyl variants of Trade Wind's debut album You Make Everything Disappear which is productive, isn't it? Currently trying to balance a colour I really want with how limited edition each variant is alongside how reasonable shipping costs to the UK are. It's all well and good until you realise there are only eight songs on the record... Conflicted. Anyway, Trade Wind are a side project led by Stray From The Path's Thomas Williams and Stick To Your Guns' Jesse Barnett. Together they sound very little like either of those bands but instead sound like a more grunge-tinged Deftones. Do you have any idea how monumental that is?! 'I Hope I Don't Wake Up' is the opening track form their aforementioned debut which is seeing its release in July. Everything's looking set to be great.

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