Tuesday 21 June 2016

Slackerpop Part Two: Great Good Fine Ok, Sody / Martin Luke Brown, Maala

Forever trying to catch up with everything.

Great Good Fine Ok - Always

In classic lolworthy WIIHAMB-ness, Great Good Fine Ok have just released a new song but it's only on Spotify and I was going to post it with this but I can't listen to it let alone share it. So here's a song they released ages ago. You know what gets me every time about Great Good Fine Ok? Their songs are always (GEDDIT?!) so soft and subtle and pastel-coloured and effortless and cloud-like and dreamy. Instrumentally and vocally 'Always' is absolutely no different sounding so super sugary sweet throughout. Do this pair even have a bad song? No, no they don't. Let me once again praise these vocals because how are those even real life?

Sody and Martin Luke Brown - Wasted Youth

I knew absolutely nothing about little 15 year old Sody until I saw that she'd collaborated (about a million years ago now) with Martin Luke Brown but you know what, I think she's quite good. I love collabs and I love it when collabs work and this is a prime example of how to do a collab well. Sody's voice is well good too; she sounds a little bit like Anne-Marie (not so much on this song, more on other songs) but her voice just really fits this slow RnB vibey kind of stuff. For real though, this is excellent. Sody also just put out an EP and I will most likely do some typing about that towards the end of the month i.e. next week.

Maala - Kind Of Love

This song is so different from what we were hearing from Maala towards the start of 2015 and post-initial shock at the change of pace, 'Kind Of Love' is just what we needed from him. Something that I don't think I was aware of before now is/was (tenses are hard) that Maala is from New Zealand so that's exciting isn't it? Him and Thomston should do like a NZInvasion tour in Europe (most notably the UK really) and it'd be good. I was leaving gig regret behind until I didn't go and see Maala in London a few months ago and now look at me, a teary sniffling mess racking my brain for where it all went wrong. I assume we'll be getting more new Maala stuff at some point soon. That'll be nice.

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