Wednesday 29 June 2016

Song Of The Summer?: Chance The Rapper, Jonas Blue

A month or so I was asked what I thought the song of the summer would be. Obviously I didn't have a clue. However, over the past 30 days some clear frontrunners have emerged. Let's take a look.

Chance The Rapper - No Problem

There's something about Chance The Rapper that makes it seems as though he's always having the greatest time ever and the video for 'No Problem' doesn't even begin to showcase that. This clip is packed full of cameos which is cool. Who doesn't love a cameo filled video? Ya, that's right nobody. DJ Khaled who has clearly never listened to the song before is probably the best/worst one, I reckon. Not only does 'No Problem' feature quite possibly the best hook of Chance The Rapper's career it's also probably the best rap hook of the season. And you know when even Lil Wayne's verse is stellar that this is an absolutely excellent song.

Jonas Blue feat JP Cooper - Perfect Strangers

No, Jonas Blue, real name Guy James Robin, I have not forgiven you for that atrocious 'Fast Car' remix. I mean, I should have known, never trust anyone whose full name is compiled of three first names. However, with a little help from Ellie Goulding, I've full on fallen in love with 'Perfect Strangers'. I've gotta be honest, JP Cooper, who I've been a fan of for a fair while as well probably had a pretty large hand in making this banger as banging as it is. I think this is the song I'd most like to be the song of the summer. I'd also quite like to hear it in a club. Reckon I could tear up the dancefloor to it.

My final choice was going to be Disclosure's 'BOSS' but it's not available on a platform that everybody can stream for free so that's kind of the end of that. Should have checked before planning all of this really, but that's just another insight as to how slack I am as a human.

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  1. I love Jonas Blue's song!!! First it was Fast Car, now it's this? He is so amazing and has a really good taste for music!!!