Sunday 19 June 2016

DÉJÀ VideU: Blood Youth, Dagny, Lil Dicky

This Deja Vidu is a little different (not that you care) because I've actually only properly posted one of these three songs. But the other two are new videos from slightly older releases so... wait, I don't need to explain myself to you.

Blood Youth: Mood Swing

Blood Youth are my favourite band right now. But that probably doesn't mean that much seeing as I've had about five favourite bands so far this year, but whatever. They've released a video for 'Mood Swing' which is my favourite track on their latest EP Closure and it's quite good. It's a song that defines and encompasses everything that Blood Youth do and they do seem to do it all pretty well. The only weird thing about this video is that it's suddenly appeared on the band's own new Vevo channel. Previously their videos have all been uploaded to their label Rude Records' channel, just seems like a bit of a strange time to launch a Vevo channel for a band but whatever, I doubt this will annoy anyone other than me.

Dagny: Backbeat

Remember Dagny? She's pretty hard to forget, and if you do remember Dagny there's no way you've forgotten 'Backbeat' because it's a song that she (but more likely her people/PR team/label etc) have being trying to shove down our throats for the last nine months. And that isn't a problem at all because it is, quite frankly, excellent. After the last three gruelling quarters we have, however, been rewarded with a video to accompany the delightful ditty. Apparently there's an EP coming next month and after such a long wait I'm not sure whether anybody is prepared for that, but we'll soon see.

Lil Dicky featuring Brendon Urie: Molly

This track is quite different to Lil Dicky's other stuff, especially the rest of the tone of his latest (debut?) album but that's what makes it so good. Also, the video is one of the most excellently directed music videos of the year; I almost cried on multiple occasions. As well as all that, Brendon Urie's chorus is quite probably up there with the greatest of Panic! At The Disco choruses and also one of the greatest choruses in a hip hop/rap song ever. No, seriously, it is genuinely that good.

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