Friday 3 June 2016

May 2016 - Things I Didn't Miss

May Playlists: Spotify / Deezer

Let's hop skip and jump straight to it, lads.

I wasn't really in to Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman which was a shame because My Everything was in my top ten albums of the year in 2014. 'Be Alright' and 'Bad Decisions' are good but there are no outstanding writer/producer collabs on this album. It's also weird that 'Focus' isn't on here. Also, I have no qualms with the James Blake album but it's just so long that I'm never ever going to actively just sit down and listen to it ever again.

Things I haven't listened to: Kaytranada, Liss, TIFFANY (This came out in April but I'm okay with rule-bending), and anything released on 27th May.

Astrid S - Astrid S

Without a doubt my favourite Scandipop release of the month, from 19 year old Norwegian Astrid S. I'd never heard of little old Astrid until late last year via my mates at UQ Music. I think that's where I first heard her. Since then, I've been avidly following her every move and was painfully saddened to see she'd pulled out of The Great Escape this month because I bet she's a right vibe live. 'Hurts So Good', taken from this EP, is probably one of my favourite songs this quarter. Both 'Jump' and 'Atic' are such great pop songs too. I'd like to hope that post-this she's working on being even more extra rad (and also an album).

Atiptoe - +Venture

I'd written this release off before listening to it, and that was wrong of me, so I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise. This album(??) is only seven tracks and half an hour long but it's more than enough to get your teeth into. It took me a while to realise the title is just Adventure... that's clever. The production on here isn't amazing but there are enough catchy guitar lines and vocals hooks to keep your head nodding regardless. If you like your rock (YEAH ROCK MOOZIC) just a little bit off the wall, it's worth giving +Venture a spin.

Issues - Headspace

Despite thinking that all of the songs I'd heard prior to this album's release were a bit rubbish, I'm fairly obsessed with it. I've probably listened through four or five times and I'm definitely not not enjoying Headspace. It's choruses, like Tyler Carter's on 'The Realest', and Michael Bohn's more singing-like approach on this track too, make for some of their catchiest material yet. Issues are still able to make these really solid pop meets metal tracks and although at points things start to sound messy they always seem to claw everything back by the time the hook comes around.

JMSN - It Is.

The greatest bits of this album are the parts where JMSN is legit really fuckin' pissed off. It makes for such good songs like on 'Fuck U' and 'Funk Outta Here'. I don't know if there's an artist who can swear as much as JMSN in their lyrics but make it sound natural and unforced and just make it work. There are some aspects of this album that I'm totally not fussed about, like 'Good Ol' Case of the Blues' and the 'Juice' interlude but it's all worth it for tracks like 'Power' and 'Cruel Intentions'. I don't think this is as good as JMSN's last full length, self-titled JMSN, but it's definitely still a worthwhile listen.

Joe Hertz - Chapter One RELEASE OF THE MONTH

Okay, so imagine an artist went and released an EP of material which has all already been released, and some of which has been knocking around for over two years and it was still the best thing I heard this month. Literally, just sit back and think about that. I didn't even like 'Ashes' when it was released, now look at me just completely gushing over all five tracks on Chapter One. Do you even have any idea how amazing it is to have 'Isolate' back in my life?! I'm not sure I'd ever heard 'At My Touch' before listening to this release, but that ones probably my favourite and Christ, it's all just so good. I don't know why Joe Hertz seems to be so underrated but I prefer what he's doing to what... I don't know, someone like SG Lewis is doing for example, these songs are just in a whole other league.

Omaha - Young Hearts

I've already written a bit about this here, you can read it. This probably would have been my "Release of the Month" if it hadn't been for Joe Hertz. Not even probably, it definitely would have been. Catchy, well-written pop rock songs through and through, I genuinely can't praise Young Hearts enough.

Sad Blood - Legion of Doom

Upon first listen to Legion of Doom I was severely taken aback by how short this EP is, coming in with a runtime of just 11 minutes. Five tracks in 11 minutes? Bargain. This isn't typically something that I'd be into but there's something quite endearing about Sad Blood, I'm just not sure I can work out what it is. Despite the melancholy undertones, tracks like 'Formerly Creative' are extremely likeable. I don't know what it is I prefer about Sad Blood to other emo bands, but I also don't really think I do need to know.

Sam Wills - So Bright

OH MY GOD. So, I was being all "Sam Wills, where have you been? How have you only just fallen into my life like this?" Turns out he's been the vocalist on one of my favourite songs I've ever posted on WIIHAMB, Alix Perez's 'Annie's Song'. Actual can't believe it, that's so crazy. Anyway, So Bright is Wills' debut EP and I really like it. The opening couple of tracks on here sound really reminiscent of old school Justin Timberlake which is good, isn't it? They're definitely my favourites too, there's something innately catchy and internet about the "you're fire babe" line on 'So Bright' and I ain't even mad.

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