Thursday 23 June 2016

Three Become One: Tom Misch, Lara Maxen, Jakil

I might drown before I can do another post because London is actually an ocean right now. Also pray we stay in the EU.

Tom Misch feat Loyle Carner - Crazy Dream

Collab away oh great musicians, collab to your hearts content. I've not really been a fan of either of these artists before, which is obviously fine. Loyle Carner is one of those people I'm totally aware that everyone likes but he's just not really for me. However, stick him on over Tom Misch's sweet beats and top it with some clean and tight production it's like a whole new world. I also didn't realise that Misch does singing as well as, you know... everything else, but that's good isn't it because his hook fits so well with Loyle Carner's verses that you could be fooled into thinking that it was the same person. Like, that's how natural it sounds. This is what I needed to get me into both of these guys isn't it? Well done lads, count me converted.

Lara Maxen - Bite The Bullet

A little while ago I posted a Lara Maxen song and I was super stoked because there was some kind of talk of her releasing music fairly frequently and with this being the third track in six months she's churning out songs at a rate Frank Ocean fans can only dream of. Maxen has this whole no fucks given kind of sound to both her lyrics and vocals and that's what we all need from popstars-to-be isn't it? Her partner in crime Mickey Valen is back giving the production some unbeatable treatment too. I reckon Lara Maxen could be the next Kiiara... you know, when the real word cottons on to how great Kiiara actually is. Also this is a free download, SAY YEAH!

Jakil - Tongue Tied

Jakil, honestly, don't do things that are particularly groundbreaking with their music but they do what they do so well that it doesn't really matter. Their new single 'Tongue Tied' is an excellent showcase of this. You know what, actually, imagine The 1975's sugary indie-popness but without Matty Healy's annoying face and pompous personality and that's kind of what Jakil are like. This isn't the track that's going to propel Jakil to stardom but they've been fairly quiet recently so one can only hope there's a hell load more to come from them before the end of the year. They got this.

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