Tuesday 14 June 2016

Slackerpop Part One: Sunbathers, Bea Miller, Nimmo, Ta-Ku

You know the score. I'm a terrible person. Let's get on with it.

Sunbathers - Lovepeak

About a while ago I posted Sunbathers' single 'Intimacy' and it was really great but unfortunately the rest of their debut EP was fairly average. Well, we can put all of that behind us now because they're back with new (well, it was new a while ago) single 'Lovepeak' which is so totally rad and summery I couldn't ask for more. There's something really impressive about a band who can make a song feel so laidback yet super atmospheric at the same time. A lot of this probably has something to do with Sean Lynott's vocals which are inhumanly soft but manage to soar at just the right points. Also 'Lovepeak' is a gloriously free download. Snap it up.

Bea Miller - Yes Girl

I've never really been a fan of Bea Miller; I don't think I'm her target demographic. But hell, 'Yes Girl' is  a complete change of pace to her previous material and Lord does it sound absolutely stellar. Bea Miller is 17, has two mums and was on The X Factor in America so that's all pretty full on isn't it? I don't know much about her personality wise (at all) but with a song like 'Yes Girl' I think it might be nice if Miss Miller turns into a Zara Larsson social media queen type over the next couple of years.

Nimmo - My Only Friend

I first saw Nimmo in January 2015 off the back of hearing 'Jaded' and 'Others'. Their live show was so different to what I'd expected but it was exciting and I loved the image that the front duo of Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett portrayed. My friend who I was with wasn't keen on "their image". Sure, they're not the most marketable pair to the mainstream but I think that's what I liked about them. Fast forward 18 months and everything Nimmo do seems to make so much more sense. Their recent singles including 'My Only Friend' match their live show entirely. This blend of indie pop with proper  true sounding EDM. It really works. Those massive hooks and the inability to not dance along. I'm not sure where to place Nimmo longterm but with bangers like this they're bound to find their place.

Ta-ku and Wafia - Meet In The Middle

I've fallen head over heels for this track. I'm at a stage in my life where Wafia can do no wrong in my eyes and that's absolutely fine. I keep saying it, but for real, Australia is so hot right now and although individual artists seem to be getting recognised (a la Flume), as a unit overall down under is absolutely smashing it. I adore Ta-ku and Wafia both vocally on this track, two completely different sounds vocally that work so well together. The line, "If they were at my level we'd see eye to eye" is really good too. I do think Wafia sounds a lot like other fave Mabel though, which I guess doesn't really matter, but it's quite noticeable now that they both have songs where they sing about meeting in the middle.

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