Tuesday 24 May 2016

Too Hot To Handle: Dua Lipa and George Maple

Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell

I'll tell you something funny about Dua Lipa and I; I love her covers/reworks but her original songs have always fallen a little flat for me... until now. Coming out with a single titled 'Hotter Than Hell' is a ballsy enough move when normal people (aka muggles aka me) are yet to hear it, so you probably need to be pretty confident in it. Obviously, once you have heard the track, everything falls into place as this is the slut drop jam of the summer. Although, you know what I would have wanted? A video more in the style of 'Cool For The Summer'. 'Hotter Than Hell's video is all a little tame for a song with the words "hotter" and "hell" in the title. But this does all fly out the window as we reach the middle eight and Lipa quite blatantly states  "maybe you should touch me right there". Don't mind if I do.

Also, whilst we're here, please can we take a moment to reflect on Dua's interview with Ebro Darden. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can find all the info you need right here. Pray 4 Dua.

George Maple feat Goldlink - Sticks and Horses

Remember way back in September 2014 when George Maple released her debut single 'Talk Talk'? Oh how times have changed. 'Sticks and Horses' is so no holds barred that I absolutely love its garishness. And it's not even bad garish, it's garish in the most sophisticated of ways. Maple's written a little thing in the description of the YouTube video explaining her inspiration for this song, i.e. America, rap and strippers, but honestly I can't believe that you wouldn't have noticed that because every time I listen to this I have the urge to find a pole and work my way up and down it. Also, I can't believe I've made it this far without even mentioning one of my favourite rappers on the planet right now, Goldlink. I don't think anybody else on the planet could have put a verse this flawless together for a song as sleazy as 'Sticks and Horses'; it's quite the match made in heaven. His backing vocals on the choruses work so excellently too. This shows how diverse George Maple can be as an artist and I am crazy excited to hear whatever she has planned for us next.

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