Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Jocelyn Alice - Bound To You

Today I have suddenly remembered that writing things sucks and is really boring and I pretty much despise everything about physically doing it. So this particular post is far less free-flowing and also less forced than other posts.

Jocelyn Alice is from Canada, which is nice because I don't post many artists from the land of many moose. In fact, it's nice to hear anything about music from Canada that has nothing to do with Justin Bieber and/or Drake. Even Alessia Cara's name is starting to get a little worn out these days, so it's good to have stumbled across ya, Jocelyn.

Jocelyn Alice's new single is called 'Bound To You' and do not be fooled by the first verse; it is not a ballad - thankfully! In fact, I'm quite taken aback by how uncatergorisable (new word) 'Bound To You' is. Jocelyn Alice's voice is super interesting and endearing just to listen to, to the point where I think she could probably sing the alphabet and it would sound mildly exciting. The chorus on 'Bound To You' is one of the best so far this year matching a catchy melody with painfully relatable lyrics.

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