Friday 24 February 2017

Last Week's Releases Today: EPstravaganza

As you may have guessed by the title, we are dealing mostly in EPs this week, excluding the Will Heard one because I kind of spoke about that one over on a post about his track 'I Better Love You' which I've had to take down because something about publishing...? Yeah, I'm just as lost as you. (Gonna put it back up in like two weeks time because you can not police me. And also like... I don't get PR'd the vast majority of stuff I post. If you don't have blogs posting about your music, what other free promo you getting?)

Selected Singles Added Last Week:

There are some fairly peculiar songs that I thought were actually not too bad this week, including but not limited to Maroon 5 meets Future, DJ Khaled shouts all over Beyonce and Jay Z, and New Found Glory - who'd have thought? In terms of lesser known tracks and artistes: Noella Nix's 'Bad Girl' is astounding in a great way, The Magician's new one 'Tied Up' is very good, and Human Movement's Kitsune released song 'Right Thing' is also rather notable. Finally, I've completely 180'd on Thundercat and I am very much a fan of 'Friend Zone'.

EPs and an Album Released Last Week:

Asta - Shine From some things I saw on Twitter I assumed Asta was going to be really good. I was thoroughly disappointed with nigh on every aspect of this EP. All five of the songs on it sound so dated and aren't in the slightest be exciting. As pop music goes, they're fine, but nothing you'd even send a memo home about, let alone write home. No tracks added to library.

Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault Pt. 1 I'm definitely not as upset about Bebe Rexha being her own solo artist as some other people but I will admit, I don't think she's that good at it. If anything 'Atmosphere'  and 'Small Doses' sound like a Tove Lo cast offs, 'F.F.F.' is yet another G-Eazy collaboration we didn't need and to be honest, do any of us give a shit that people in Cali are fake? No, we don't. In addition, 'Gateway Drug' is embarrassing from start to finish, and not even my favourite feat artist of all time can save 'Bad Bitch'. Where is the class in referring to yourself as a bad bitch with absolutely no evidence to back that up? Naturally, all of this leaves her greatest single to date, 'I Got You' as the only redeeming factor of this EP. The scariest thing is that this is only part one... 1/6 tracks added to library.

Flume - Skin Companion EP II Look, Flume, Skin was an excellent album, it was a contender for one of my albums of the year for 2016. What we do not need is you then attempting to milk that very good album with extremely sub-par "companion" EPs. What even is a companion EP? You know what, no, I don't even care. The first one was not good so what makes anybody think that the second one might be good? I'm fully lost. All of the intricacies and the quirks and the excitement we heard on the album is completely obliterated on these EPs and I wish they never came to fruition. In saying all of this, 'Depth Charge' is the most okay of these four tracks but it's still pretty bland. There's literally a reason these songs didn't make the album, you know? No tracks added to library.

Maggie Rogers - Now That The Light Is Fading Maggie Rogers is such a strange one for me because I guess it's typically the kind of thing that it sounds like I'd hate. I think with a song like 'Alaska' for example, despite the folk at it's core, it's just pop enough for the typical nonchalant music listener to be able to get into. I really like 'Dog Years' now too but was severely put off by the intro because it does sound mega folk, doesn't it? Just gotta believe that it isn't actually. 3/5 tracks added to library.

Thundamentals - Everyone We Know Remember that time (every time) I told you (I have repeatedly told you) about how much I'm into Australian hip hop? Well, we meet again. Thundamentals are a four piece from the Blue Mountains region outside of Sydney (which largely means nothing to me) and depending on what internet source you look at they've been active for a decade or so. Everyone We Know is the quartet's fourth album and it peaked at #2 on the Australian album chart which quite accurately represents the record's quality from start to finish. This is a fun album with tracks like 'Sally' and 'Milk & Honey' but it's serious when it needs to be, as we (who is we? I mean I) hear on 'Ignorance Is Bliss' - but even then, despite dealing with current and topical issues, the message is delivered in a digestible way. Everyone We Know is really good, give it a spin. 12/15 tracks added to library.

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