Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sälen - Heartbreak Diet

Hi, sorry, am I in a band and nobody told me? Are we sure that I am not Ellie Kamio from Sälen? Can we be 100% sure because I don't think that I can. Sälen are a three piece based in East London making kooky off-the-wall yet easy to listen to alternative pop - and that is the best description you are going to get out of me for anything this week. Other than that we don't seem to know a whole lot about this trio but when your songs are good, what use is data?

I used to (years ago) absolutely hate vocals like this but now that I'm older and wiser, I have come to realise how much they compliment what's going on around them. I've also realised that paying attention to actual lyrics is a thing that is important. Has a lyric more relatable than "I used to dream of dying so you would cry at my funeral" ever been written? No, it hasn't. Sure, it sounds morbid, I guess, but it's definitely something I've done. I've also been thinking about the video for 'Heartbreak Diet', or more, what my concept for the video for 'Heartbreak Diet' would be. Largely it reflects the pastel colours used in Sälen's artwork, and it would feature these plastic looking zombies and thick pink blood and really cartoony looking food and drink labeled with diet puns. It looks great in my head, might sketch something up...


  1. Heartbreak diet is catchy title and I admit I thought this was a diet blog (lol). Nevertheless, my two cents - music does play a tremendous role in dieting. When more people listen to classical, soothing music while eating, they tend to eat slowly and in small amounts. However, rock music has an opposite effect. My sister told me about this when she tried the 3 Day Military diet. She said to help her during the duration of her diet, she made sure she was listening to soothing music all throughout. Here's a link on how yogurt plays a part in the diet:

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