Monday 12 December 2016

From The Depths Of My Inbox: Alexanderson and Kevin McGuire

Hi, this stuff's been sitting flagged in my inbox for a while, should probably post it all really.

Alexanderson - Issues

This is Alexanderson and his debut single 'Issues'. I'd assume Alexanderson's real name is Alex Anderson but if life has taught me anything it's that things are never as simple as they may seem. The word 'tectonic' appears in the first verse of 'Issues' which makes me think that maybe Alexanderson is the UK's answer to Thomston. (Insert some exposition to the audience here about how Thomston is a mixture of Thomas Stoneman's first and last name, and how his debut album released earlier this year is riddled with geography references.) This is a really nice little "dark pop" song for a debut though, isn't it? Apparently (it's in the press release) Alexanderson has spent the last five years writing and producing for others, and I personally would be intrigued as whether the world has unknowingly heard any of his previous work. Either way, Alexanderson seems like one worth keeping an eye on with an EP scheduled for release at some point next year.
EDIT: What if his name is Alexander Son??? No, my mind is blown. This is Maths Time Joy all over again.

Kevin McGuire - 3am

Bear with me lads, because this is not your typical WIIHAMB endorsed single, oh no. Kevin McGuire is a country music artiste from Glasgow. I would assume he's fairly young but I've honestly no idea so can't really comment. The press release describes Kevin McGuire's musical style as "Country-style songwriting mixed with RnB-Pop melodic ideas", which I think is a very fair assessment of the situation. 3am is an objectively great song regardless of genre, it's just that the blend of styles come together to make the track even better. It's different and different is good, especially as I'm well aware that a lot of things I like and post, generally speaking, sound quite similar. Will I follow all of Kevin McGuire's endeavours from here on in until the rest of time? I'm not sure. Am I fairly intrigued by his style and what he has to come in the future? Definitely.

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