Tuesday 20 December 2016

Matt Woods - Aint No Use EP

I felt severely "meh" and *shrug* towards Matt Woods' music prior to December 2016. I'd definitely heard 'Impression' and 'In The Dark' last year and I probably even heard 'Ain't No Use' earlier this year and chose to brush it aside. Oh how times have changed.

If there's nothing else that I've taken from doing this blog, the thing I've learnt is that full releases are important and listening to a body of work as intended the way the artist and/or label compiled it is a really good idea. This is where (amongst various other releases on the planet) Matt Woods' Ain't No Use EP comes in. If anyone actually read this I'd definitely get some stick for this EP being packed full of what I'd often refer to as ballads, but luckily I'll probably escape that criticism. I'm struggling to pinpoint what it is exactly that separates Woods from other artists that sound a bit like this and I'm not sure why. His super pure sounding vocals, on top of simple piano led soul with a bunch of electronic elements piled on top. It sounds really good to be honest.

There are four tracks on Ain't No Use, and what really sells the EP to me, personally, are how "pop" the title track and recent single 'Nothing Less' are. These are so so great. And catchy. And good. Imagine the perfect about of "vibe"... well, that's what is featured in both of these. I also really like 'Styrofoam' as just a change in dynamic but still a good all-rounder. Idon'tlike'IfYouForgetMe'becausethat'saproperballadsolet'sjustglossoverthat. Would be up for seeing Matt Woods live next year, I reckon, because I don't think it would be boring and that's always a good mindset to have, isn't it?


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