Thursday 5 January 2017

Artists I'd Like To See Do Well In 2017

You've seen all those tip lists for 2017 (they're here if you haven't)
And you've heard who my friends think you should lend your ear to this year (it's here if you haven't)
So now it's time for the full list of artists I'd like to see do well in 2017...

I've already spoken about my first three a fair bit, especially if you've listened to that there Podcast, but just in case you're a terrible guy and haven't got around to it yet, here's a little recap. We'll start with Harrogate metal quartet Blood Youth. After supporting the likes of While She Sleeps and Every Time I Die throughout 2016 with their two EPs Inside My Head and Closure in tow, the latter part of last year saw them go into the studio to record their debut album. As undoubtedly one of the UK's most exciting upcoming rock/metal bands, Blood Youth's forthcoming record is likely to expand on the huge chorus meets massive riffs dynamic we've heard on their earlier efforts.

Next up is Dan Caplen, formerly known as D/C, also tipped by Apple Music for big things in 2017. His debut EP Badman released last summer combined classic soul themes with modern R&B. I'll be honest, he's the type of artist I'd take my mum to see to prove that I don't just listen to "rubbish" or "noise". The final of my first three is Leks Rivers who I have spoken beyond extensively about over the last couple of months. He's so fucking good, I implore you to give his debut EP Badlands a listen. So many different influences and ideas packaged into a mere 15 minutes. You won't regret it.

Let's get on with the rest then shall we!


Great band, great guys, great songs, great live... generally just pretty great and probably one of the most likeable bands I've ever come across. I'm not sure exactly what Fours are up to at the moment, but I think it's safe to say we're not too far away from hearing a new single from them. Fours are the kind of band that could fool you into thinking it's Summer during even the very darkest of the Winter months. As I mentioned, they're an absolute hoot live so I would strongly recommend attending one of their real life musical soirees, their first of which is part of Communion's showcase this coming Sunday (8th January).

George Maple

*sharp inhale of breath*... *whispers* We're getting George Maple's debut album this year. YEAH, you heard me. Since the release of her debut EP Vacant Space all most two years ago we've been waiting for something even meatier to get our teeth into and 2017 is our time. Both of Ms. Maple's 2016 singles, 'Sticks And Horses' and 'Lover' allude to a feisty and no holds barred full length, as I'd assume we can expect to see those tracks make an appearance. I can also only pray that Maple makes the short trip over from Australia back to the UK for some shows this year, because that's something we have been severely deprived of thus far.


It's time. I've been stupidly in love with RKCB for a couple of years now. The kind of love that found me crying on late night trains home listening to their debut EP Short Films and then left me pining for more before the release of their latest EP In Contrast. The duo seem to have started a tradition of December releases which, if 2017 is anywhere near as tumultuous as 2016, is something to look forward to. The pair seriously stepped up their game last year with numerous collaborations as well as a short US tour in December. No doubt this year will be much of the same and hopefully they'll make it over to the UK for some dates too.

Astrid S

The most precious rising popstar the world of music could dream of, Astrid S is destined for stardom or at least a Nobel prize. Astrid S had already won we over with her single 'Hyde' at the end of 2015 and even more so with her debut EP release Hurts So Good last year, but it was the videos from her European tour in November that led to me to have my awakening. Not only was she buying her fans in the queues to her shows pizza, and taking them for crepes, she paid for a girl who missed her flight to an Astrid S show to fly to the next show instead. SHE PAID FOR THE FLIGHT. Astrid S is a fully fledged angel. I'd be surprised if we didn't hear any new music from Astrid this year, be it an EP or album. Either way, she's hot on Zara Larsson's heels as one of the most exciting young Nordic artists around.

Anna Straker

I've never posted Anna Straker on WIIHAMB before so she may seem a bit of an odd choice for an artist I'd like to see do well in 2017 but she's got this. Her Facebook page says that she's 19 years old... so she might be but there's always a chance that she's had a birthday and not got around to updating that yet, you can never really tell. Regardless, Straker is young and exciting when it comes to the kind of pop music she's making. She first started kicking up a storm over the summer with her single 'How We Are', a fun party tune for all involved. This track featured on her debut EP released in November alongside title track 'Serious', which really shows Straker's talents. Packed with 90s dance influences alongside catchy vocal lines, do I need to bother even providing an ounce more evidence as to why Anna Straker is one to keep an eye on? Nah, didn't think so.

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