Thursday 19 January 2017

Banks - Trainwreck

I think I mentioned this on here around the time it happened, but I can't remember, so I'll tell it again. My mum's friend Tim called a while back and said that he read my blog, which was cool in itself because my friends don't even read this. Well, I bring this (back) up now because Tim reckons that he found out about Banks via me and that's really cool. Made even cooler by the fact that Banks is just one of the most cool (i.e. coolest) humans on the planet. So that was a nice little story (that you may or may not have read before) for you there.

"But Natalie, why are we talking about Banks?" Because she's just released the music video for the best track on her latest album The Altar that wasn't 'Fuck With Myself', that's why. There were extremely mixed reviews for the album Miss Banks released back in September but opinions seemed unanimous on 'Trainwreck'. It was, is and will forever be a banger. I get really hung up on Banks some times because songs like 'Trainwreck' are so fresh and inventive and have still a commercial edge yet she doesn't receive a lot of mainstream exposure. It's all very annoying, to be honest.

And that's just the song itself, nevermind the visuals for 'Trainwreck'! Banks' videos are always top notch and this one, directed by Marie Schuller, is absolutely no exception to the rule. The video is artsy but not pretentious, and Banks herself is tremendously commanding throughout. The choreography in both the corridor and the bedroom scenes effortlessly double up as action sequences and the general use of the faceless goons was executed perfectly. I wish Banks was one of those artists who released a video for every single song she ever put out, alas...


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