Wednesday 4 January 2017

The Middle Eight Podcast: Episode 002 - Tips For 2017

Hi everybody, welcome back to The Middle Eight Podcast. First of all I'd like to apologise for the shoddy audio quality this month. It's a lot sketchier for the first ten minutes or so than it is for the rest of the episode. It's still a mystery as to what happened but I've tried to clean it all up as best I can with my limited skill-set. Will try harder to get good next time.

This month I asked my mates Ross Martin, Josie Robinson and Matthew Kent to join me to chat about some of our 2017 tips/artists to watch out for over the next year or so. Give it a listen to hear those as well as anecdotes of Josie's teenage years, Matthew being shaded on another podcast, and our thoughts on Spotify's Year In Music's absence.

Here's this episode's Spotify playlist:

And here's everything else you need to know:

Natalie's Tips

Blood Youth - Four piece metal band from Harrogate set to release their debut album in 2017.
Song to check out: 'Mood Swing' - music video / Apple Music / Spotify
Latest EP: Closure - Apple Music / Spotify

Dan Caplen - London based R&B/soul singer/songwriter formerly known as D/C and also tipped for big things this year by Apple Music.
Song to check out: 'Longing For You' - Soundcloud / Apple Music / Spotify
Debut EP: Badman - Apple Music / Spotify

Léks Rivers - Genre bending urban artist from London making waves after the release of his debut EP a mere month ago.
Song to check out: 'No Rest For The Wicked' - music video / Apple Music / Spotify
Debut EP: Badlands - Apple Music / Spotify

Ross' Tips

Bossy Love - Glasgow duo making off the wall electronic pop meets R&B bops.
Song to check out: 'Call Me Up' - Soundcloud / Apple Music / Spotify

Marian Hill - American duo who released their debut album in 2016 and have recently collaborated with Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregeui
Song to check out: 'Back To Me' - SoundcloudApple Music / Spotify
Debut album: Act One - Apple Music / Spotify

Bishop Briggs - Energetic indie pop artist just announced to play Coachella 2017
Song to check out: 'Wild Horses' - music video / Apple Music / Spotify

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Josie's Tips

Off Bloom - Danish trio now based in London channelling Eastern sounds on their debut EP released back in October
Song to check out: 'Love To Hate It' - music video / Apple Music / Spotify
Debut EP: Love To Hate It - Apple Music / Spotify

Skott - Much talked about Swedish singer signed to Chess Club Records with shows all across Europe lined up for 2017 including appearances at The Great Escape and Eurosonic
Song to check out: 'Wolf' - Soundcloud / Apple Music / Spotify

Pinegrove - New Jersey based indie band signed to Run For Cover Records and set to tour The UK and Europe throughout February/March
Song to check out: 'Aphasia' - Soundcloud / Apple Music / Spotify
Debut album: Cardinal - Apple Music / Spotify

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Matthew's Tips

Pronoun - Indie pop singer/songwriter and great playlist maker from New York
Song to check out: a million other things - SoundcloudApple Music / Spotify
Debut EP: There's no one new around you. - Apple Music / Spotify

Frank Gamble - Hannah Yaddi's new two-piece project creating pop hits and interesting visuals
Song to check out: 'Heart Speaks' - Soundcloud / Apple Music / Spotify

MUNA - Hotly tipped indie pop three piece releasing their debut album on 3rd February 2017
Song to check out: I Know A Place - Apple Music / Spotify
Debut EP: Loudspeaker - Apple Music / Spotify

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Thanks so much again to Dan Twining for my little jingle and Joe Parsons-Dorman and Kieran Dickson for the ol' artwork!


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